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Illustration and Art by Mark Toner

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Shoreline of Infinity wins British Fantasy Society Award 2018 for best magazine

Guest post by Noel Chidwick

Now Available!

Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 1tales of the beachcomber volume 1

A new print media comic book is out now. It features Beachcomber comics previously only available in the pages of Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland's science fiction magazine.

Volume 1 features four stories. "Who Is Mentor?" introduces Gail Scott, Space Pilot, who was previously a web comic heroine and who gave her title to this comics publication empire. "Mutable Martians" explains the huge popularity of Martians in the history of science fiction and why they have all but disappeared from the genre. "Where Have All The Time Machines Gone?" will have you wondering if what you remember as history today is the same as what you remembered as history yesterday. Finally, "The Centenary of Arthur C Clarke" celbrates a true legend of science fiction and science fact.

Copies are available directly from Space Pilot Comics, Shoreline of Infinity and at other genre outlets.

I am Mark Toner, retired space explorer currently employed in illustrating stories in all imaginable forms. My business is creating illustrations and covers for writers of imagination and this is my online office.

You can find out more about me on the About page, surprisingly. Topical stuff can be found in the News section and you can see my work in the Gallery. If you want to order some physical piece of art send me a message using the Commissions form. I also sell a few books from the Ayesongs Book Shop. Webcomics will appear when I have time to work on them in their own menu items.

I also happen to be the art director at Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland's SF Magazine. You can help finance the work being done there and get a great subscription deal at the Shoreline website.

dorothy and the boys

If you like electronic soundscapes, I dabble in sound sculpture and synth music over on Bandcamp.

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