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Ayesongs Books is a family publisher run by myself and my wife and son. Initially we set it up to publish some of the back catalogue created by my daughter Lucy. Feel free to look around. Our stock will grow over the next few months.

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Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture (paperback)
Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture (paperback)
A beautiful alphabet book by Lucy Toner with illustrations by her mum, Ann. A most creative textual delight for times when you are feeling under the weather, Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture is an imaginative poem from A to Z that will light up the room to show you the secret world of furniture. Art is where you choose: where will you find it? (ISBN 978-0-9929760-1-9)


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Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture (MOBI)
Lucy's Alphabet of Furniture (MOBI)
Lucy Toner's charmingly imaginative portrayal of alphabetically ordered household objects. Lovingly illustrated by her mum, Ann. Suitable for all Kindle devices and other readers and software which support MOBI. To install on your Kindle, attach the Kindle to your computer by its USB cable; open the Documents folder in the Kindle, from your computer; and copy the MOBI file we send you into the Documents folder on the Kindle. (ISBN 978-0-9929760-0-2)