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30 June 2018Remembering Harlan Ellison

harlan ellison

We lost one of the greats of Science Fiction this week as Harlan Ellison dreamed his way into that great multiverse that he tapped into so well in his working life.

He was a great writer, novellist and editor, and a sharp critic, always outspoken and with an opinion to share, whether it was wanted or not.

demon with a glass hand

This coming week I will be remembering Harlan Ellison with some of the gems of my DVD library. He contributed the amazing Demon With A Glass Hand to the second season of Outer Limits and I look forward to enjoying Robert Culp's gripping performance. Also in that same season I will be visiting again Michael Ansara's future warrior in Ellison's Soldier.


Time travel was obviously a big topic with Ellison. One of the great highlights of his screenwriting career was undoubtedly in Star Trek's first season: the intelligent and characterful City on the Edge of Forever. Joan Collins compassionate and forward looking social worker seems like a gift to humanity but the possible futures that her life or death could lead to give Kirk, Spock and McCoy a painful and human dilemma to solve.

city on the edge of forever

And let's not forget that J Michael Straczynski's trully excellent series Babylon 5 benefited from Harlan Ellison's guiding intellect throughout.

ivanova reads ellison

This is just the screenwriting stuff. Go and read some Ellison books too. Your attitudes towards the Universe may be usefully challenged.


21 May 2018Space Pilot Ventures into Print Media

ales of the beachcomber volume 1Up until now, Space Pilot Comics has been a digital publisher only and serviced other publishers with comics and art to appear in larger publications. That will all change in June, when the first print media comic book from Space Pilot will be introduced to the world. It features our own Beachcomber who has become popular with the world's science fiction community due to regular appearances in Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland's science fiction magazine, published by New Curiosity Shop for the Shoreline of Infinity Group.

In partnership with that same Shoreline of Infinity Group Space Pilot will publish his stories in the new title Tales of the Beachcomber, available here at Space Pilot and from Shoreline of Infinity Group too.the ship inn

Watch out for it and future issues in our book shop.

You can check out Shoreline of Infinity Group at their web site.

01 March 2018The Beast From The East In Dumfries

I've been photographing the unusually heavy snow in Dumfries and topping up my Flickr account.



Orion harbinger of winter




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