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The Space Pilot Art Gallery

Apollo 15 in acrylics.

A frame or two from the abandoned web comic Meanwhile Back On Earth. This story grew and grew into an epic that was too much for a lone writer-artist. I may come back to this in future with substantial rewriting. It is still a back story of Gail Scott: Space Pilot.

More 50th anniversary Dr Who pictures. The sixth Doctor again with Peri, and Barbara from the very first episode.

The ever popular Beachcomber. Bette Davis from a portraits project at Mrs Green's Tea Lounge in Dumfries. 
The Second Dr Who and Crew. The Sixth Dr Who.
These were drawn for the 50th Anniversary of the BBC TV programme as were the following daleks.

The fourth Dr Who and companion Sarah Jane Smith.

The birthday girl on her birthday of course. Boris Karloff for a gothic exhibition at the Yellow Door gallery.

Mentor's spaceship lands in Gail Scott: Space Pilot. Caerlaverock Castle just outside Dumfries.

A Castle from Meanwhile Back On Earth.

Bob, Dot and Bing for Mrs Green, again.
A coastal scene from Meanwhile Back On Earth.

Happy New Year from Europa. A Captain America doodle for an event.

A couple of duotone illustrations for the Peter Cushing Fannual to celebrate Dr Who's 50th and Peter Cushing's centenary.

More Fannual illustrations.

The best SF movie ever made: Forbidden Planet.

Ghostbusters 1 and 2.  

Asterix and Obelix's wee dog Dogmatix from a pets exhibition. In Scots we call him Geitbiglix. 

More 50th anniversary Dr Who illustrations. Ian and Ice Warriors. 

Music icons for an album called Stone Owl On The Shore by Painted Ocean. 

A cover for International Ghost Stories and David Vincent meeting The Invaders. 

Bass player Jonas Rheingold. A commemorative drawing for Jack Kirby's centenary. 

Krypto, Superboy's dog from the pets exhibition.

A wee puffer heads out to sea in Meanwhile Back On Earth. 

Ray Bradbury Project: Mars Is Heaven. A certain martian for Mrs Green. 

More martians from the Beachcomber comic in Shoreline of Infinity magazine.

A portrait of Criffel in summer.

The Waverley, a Scottish icon. Rhodopis, the first Cinderella. 

Robert Powell from an uncompleted TV project.

The giant robot and Sarah Jane from another Dr Who 50th project.

The Spirit of the Garden. Stalling for time in Meanwhile Back On Earth.

Dumfries Museum, site of the old observatory. An album cover for Stone Owl On The Shore by Painted Ocean.

Two more from the Ray Bradbury project: Foghorn and Rocket Man.

The Brigadier and members of UNIT from the Dr Who 50th. A Christmas Card design for Dumfries.

The Yeti from Dr Who's 50th.

Ghostbusters 3.

Spring has sprung.

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