Commissioning Art

Illustration Service

My job is drawing and commissioning illustrations for science fiction books and magazines (especially for Shoreline Of Infinity). If you are a writer looking for internal illustrations or a cover for your book, please fill in the form below with a brief outline of what you are looking for and I’ll get back to you with a deal. I don’t do freebies but I am willing to work economically to help get a project off of the ground.
I also do commercial advertising art on chalk boards and other signwork, including company logos.
As a rough guide this table gives a scale for simple commissions.

Scale of Fees 2019

Single Page Monochrome Illustration£130
Single Page Colour Illustration (eg Book Cover)£170
Comic Page Pencilled£90
Comic Page Pencilled and Inked£130
Comic Page Pencilled, Inked and Coloured£170
Company Logo without intellectual property rights£130
Company Logo with intellectual property rights£1130

If you'd like some art, fill in the form below with an indication of what you need and I'll get in touch to work out the details. Please scroll the form down and complete all of the details. Remember to click on the submit button when you are finished.