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Destroy All Planets - Movie Night

Tonight Gamera, the supermonster, and a bunch of little kids save the Earth from invasion. We present for your entertainment Destroy All Planets. Movie night is aided and abetted by .

Book of the Month: The First Men In The Moon

As illustrated in Amazing Stories, January 1927 We continue our lunar landing theme this month, just a month before the big Apollo 11 anniversary. This time it's the turn of that old master of science fiction H. G. Wells. His 'The First Men In The Moon' relies on an antigravity trick to get there and then there are the Selenites to deal with on arrival. A great yarn from a great writer. Enjoy. You can download the book here , and don't forget to post reviews and comments just below this post. Bedford and Cavor from the 1901 first edition, by Claude Allin Shepperson. The Book of the Month comes to you with the invaluable assistance of  Project Gutenberg . You can read the eBook with FBReader on just about anything.