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A Wet Afternoon, A Wind Farm, My Petri 7S, and Rollei RPX400

The other day I took a trip to the Whitelee Windfarm with some of my family. Unfortunately it was a heavily overcast day with frequent rain; so not much light for photography. It seemed a good opportunity to try out some Rollei RPX400, a fine grain fast film, in my trusty Petri 7S rangefinder. After some struggles pinning down an exposure setting I got some acceptable results and the Rollei film gave a nice range of greys despite the almost total lack of light. The windfarm itself is Scottish Power's showcase visitor centre for their green energy systems although, on the day we were there, the exhibition was closed and the tour bus driver was off with Covid-19. We had a great lunch in the cafe and had a good look round on foot. See the photos. The light was variable but there were some nice information displays on the visitor centre terrace. It's also a good place to charge your car with some green energy. The cafe is definitely worth a visit.

More Yashica Photos

 I took out the old Yashica TL-Electro minus the Electro recently (plus a whole load of other photographic stuff, hence no posts here for a while). The new yellow camera had an issue or two; so it's back at the camera hospital being finely tuned. I loaded up a roll of the newly rebranded Fomapan 200 Creative panchromatic film. Apparently they loved the graphics that KosmoFoto had put on their new Agent Shadow film and decided to freshen things up themselves. Anyway, the combined forces of this lovely old camera and this shiny new film came up with some very nice images showing plenty of tone levels and fine detail. There are a few here but many more over on my Lomography album .