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A Wee Update

 I was becoming increasingly aware I haven't posted here in a while. In fact I am thinking about moving the whole blog over to my Lomography page. I'll leave directions here if I do. At the moment I'm allocating cameras to purposes. I think the Petri 7S will remain as a good street photography camera. Of all the miniature cameras I have it's a choice between the Rollei B35 and the Minolta 460Tx. The Minolta seems more secure in a pocket and has its own flash but the Rollei takes full size 35mm negatives with a good range of exposure settings. I think it may depend on the occasion with these. As to general purpose photography and something of an all rounder to take on a trip I'm a wee bit reluctant to use the old Zenit 11 at the moment with the horrendous actions of the Russian government that are ongoing and I also have discovered what a good camera the Yashica TL Electro is. I have one that works beautifully as a manual camera and takes all of the nice M42 lenses I