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Space Angel - Movie Night

Tonight we have Scot McCloud, Space Angel, in Space Hijackers. This is beautifully drawn by legend Alex Toth, even if the animation is only slight. They used a system called Syncro-Vox for the lip-sync, a bit like a drawn version of Supermarionation. I remember these serials running on STV's Cartoon Cavalcade in the 1960s. TRIVIA QUESTION: Which supernatural space character did Alex Toth draw in a regular comic strip? Movie Night comes to you with the help of the Internet Archive .

Science Fiction in Parliament

Shoreline of Infinity Editor in Chief Noel Chidwick manning the exhibition in Holyrood. I'm spending a couple of days in Scotland's Parliament building at Holyrood, this week. I'm part of a team representing Shoreline of Infinty magazine and we've brought our art exhibition into the lobbies to meet Scotland's representatives. It's actually been a lot of fun. The MSPs have been keen to chat and see what us crazy folk have been up to, making magazines, running events, drawing comics. There are a lot of science fiction fans here. The gives us a bit of hope. Clearly a large proportion of Scotland's politicians are looking to the future and planning ahead. We have the Arthur C Clarke quote displayed in our exhibit: "Politicians should read science fiction ... " I think many of Scotland's politicians do.

Book of the Month: A Voyage to the Moon

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission, I thought it might be fun to explore the early days of science fiction stories about voyages to the Moon. This one is by George Tucker, writing in 1827. His hero, Joseph Atterley, falls captive in Burma where he is befriended by an old Brahmin hermit who has an extraordinary scientific knowledge. Ancient Indian science has long ago revealed a method of travelling in space. The two men plan a trip to the Moon and comment on early 19th century society on the way. You can download the book here . The Book of the Month comes to you with the invaluable assistance of  Project Gutenberg . You can read the eBook with Ice Cream eBook Reader (Windows) or FBReader (Everything Else).