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Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 2

Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 2 is now available from the shop . It features a new collection of Beachcomber stories previously seen only in the pages of Shoreline of Infinity , the award-winning science fiction magazine, but now collected for comic buffs in a convenient and portable pamphlet.

Book of the Month: From The Earth To The Moon and Round The Moon

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin Continuing the Apollo 11 celebrations, we mark the month when, 50 years ago, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins went to the Moon and the Eagle finally landed. I've chosen the two Jules Verne novels, 'From The Earth To The Moon' and 'Round The Moon' for your entertainment. The tone of these is of a very jolly adventure, featuring a whole bunch of comic characters, all experts in making weapons of mass destruction, who turn their talents to conquering the Moon. This isn't the only parallel with the actual events of the 1960s. Using some very shrewd astronomical and physical thinking, Verne came up with the same launch site in Florida and transfer orbit that took Apollo missions 8 and 10 around the Moon in preparation for the landing missions to follow. This one was crying out for a comic treatment and Classics Illustrated did just that in 1952. I have a digital impression of the 1969 reprint which I may make ava