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A Wee Bit Of Free Entertainment From A Star Of The Comics Community

Stref,who recently joined me in the Shoreline Of Infinity Group, has been making some comics fun available for free to everyone locked down in the pandemic crisis. For older readers there is a Raising Amy comic. You can get it by clicking on the cover image below. For younger readers there is a Peter Pan activity pack with colouring pages and puzzles that you can gte by clicking on the Peter Pan image here. Stref's blog is at Have fun.

Pandemic Advice Through 1960s Drama

I've just been watching the classic Star Trek episode The Naked Time with my family as we hunker down in the Space Pilot Pandemic Isolation Bunker and it occurred to us that this is a valuable piece of viewing for our times. The adventure starts with Mr Spock and Joe Tormolen beaming down to a science station on a dying planet to find that everyone has died in bizarre circumstances. Forunately Spock and Joe have full environment suits on and are therefore protected from whatever contagion may have caused the suicidal behaviour of the science team. However Joe's behaviour is less than safe as this sequence shows. Look and learn - do not emulate Joe. Be like Spock: touch nothing and be safe. Joe is safe in his environment suit... but he has an itchy nose. This is where Joe starts to go wrong. He takes off his glove. That feels better. He scratches his nose. For now he is actually OK because he hasn't touched anything before taking his hand to his nose... b

The Great Wave of The River Nith

We heard this long before we saw it. I've never seen the tidal bore on the Nith this close to a Spring tide before but it was pretty spectacular on Easter Sunday. I've long had an idea of drawing this, Hokusai style, with a portrait of Criffel, our local mountain, in the background. However I did manage to capture it with a nifty little Halina 500 I was out testing while my wife and I had our Covid-19 lockdown walk. Here is what it looked like.

50 Years Ago This Week - Apollo 13

It was this week 50 years ago when the world held its breath awaiting the news of the crew of Apollo 13. They were on their way to the Moon when there was an electrical fault in an oxygen tank which nearly destroyed the spacecraft and left the mission cruising towards its destination with insufficient oxygen and power to return to Earth. NASA recounts the events here: 50 Years Ago: Apollo 13 Launch Date Reset I can remember as a 9-year-old boy sitting in the cinema in East Kilbride when the film was interrupted by a slide displaying the simple message that the crew of Apollo 13 had splashed down safely in the Pacific. The whole cinema audience stood up and cheered and applauded. A magnificent example of rescuing success from utter disaster.

Virtual Tartan Day Parade

It is the 700th birthday of the Declaration of Arbroath, the historic letter sent to the Pope delaring Scotland's independent nationhood and giving a warning to all kings that their position is not by divine right but by sufferance of the people; revolutionary at the time. There is a great new documentary video about it on Vimeo. Here it is: The Declaration of Arbroath from Charlie Stuart on Vimeo . Here in Dumfries I was due to be organising a big cabaret night filled with Scottish culture and entertainment, but Covid-19 has put paid to that. So I'm joining in with New York City's Virtual Tartan Day Parade. New York has celebrated the Declaration every year with their parade of all things Scottish. This year we are being asked to paint the internet tartan and swamp social media with Scottishness, because they can't have a live parade this year. So join in. Find some tartan and become Scottish for the day. You can read the original document here . It h