Christmas with a Canonet (and a Zenit 11)

I loaded some colour film into my ancient Canon Canonet rangefinder just before Christmas and it's taken until today for me to get round to developing it. C41 processing is much more demanding than black and white and I have to work up into the right mood for it.
Anyway there are some nice colourful Christmas pictures here that are fun to look back on in the dark days of late January in 2020.
My brother gave me a lovely old Zenit 11 SLR for Christmas and I took some photos with that too. The Zenit photos are all in black and white.



For this year, I'm experimenting with medium format film and I'm using a very ancient Braun Paxina (1st model) and I've run off a test film already. I think it'll be great for landscapes but it struggles indoors as the exposure range is limited. Might have to do a lot of time exposures in lower light.

I'll add some more arty stuff soon.


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