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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Some Good News

As we all hunker down in our bunkers to wait out Covid-19, I've been thinking about how to use my online presence in positive ways. I'll be keeping the website if my parish church updated with thoughts and prayers from our Rector and I'm looking at making a forum where Dumfries and Galloway's GĂ idhlig speakers can continue to use their language and stay in touch.

Of course operations at Shoreline of Infinity continue as the bulk of our work is already on the web in our sf factory, the Ship.

So, here is a more personal service, a little bit of good news I came across this morning. Apparently something is changing in the environment in Scotland that has tipped the balance back in favour of our little red squirrels. The greys are declining here and the reds are on the rise. Here in Dumfries and Galloway we have been fighting a tough battle against invading greys and are one of the last big strongholds for red squirrels. It looks like we've won a battle, but we don't know how. Something to keep our squirrel wardens occupied as they contemplate life after Covid-19.

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