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Illustration and Art by Mark Toner

Now Available!

Tales of the Beachcomber Volume 1

A new print media comic book is out now. It features Beachcomber comics previously only available in the pages of Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland's award winning science fiction magazine.

Volume 1 features four stories. "Who Is Mentor?" introduces Gail Scott, Space Pilot, who was previously a web comic heroine and who gave her title to this comics publication empire. "Mutable Martians" explains the huge popularity of Martians in the history of science fiction and why they have all but disappeared from the genre. "Where Have All The Time Machines Gone?" will have you wondering if what you remember as history today is the same as what you remembered as history yesterday. Finally, "The Centenary of Arthur C Clarke" celebrates a true legend of science fiction and science fact.

Copies are available directly from Shoreline of Infinity and at other genre outlets. Order ISBN  9 780992 976026.


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