Playing Synth At Frankenstein's

This fellow has the unfortunate distinction of being the last smoker. I'll be singing his story in the Bier Kellar at Frankenstein's, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, tomorrow night with SF prog folk band Painted Ocean.
We're there to support Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon which launches the new anthology The Chosen From The First Age.
Have a look at the Shoreline of Infinity website to see more about that.
So, if you are in Edinburgh tomorrow night between 7pm and 10pm, drop by Frankenstein's for a night of science fiction music, storytelling and poetry. They have a good raffle too.
If you can't be there I'll still have a Thursday night movie for you here on the Space Pilot Comics blog. You can't say I don't look after you.


Watch most of the Event Horizon on Shoreline of Infinity's video feed here.You need to fast forward to 9 minutes 10 seconds to find the start, and it cuts off before the actual Last Smoker song. I'll see if they can send me a copy to post here.


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