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14 February 2019

Thursday Night Is Movie Night: Flash Gordon

We started Thursday Night Is Movie Night with Buck Rogers, played by Buster Crabbe. Now here's Buster again but in his earlier role as Flash Gordon. This is a feature length compilation of the second serial Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe. Enjoy.

TRIVIA QUESTION:How many comic artists can you list who took a turn at drawing Flash Gordon since the character was created by the legendary Alex Raymond?

Movie night would not be possible without the Internet Archive.

2 comments: said...

Haven't seen that movie since the 70's. Wish I could come along.

Space Pilot said...

You are along Cosmic Detective. Movie Night is only on this web site. I was in Edinburgh last night at the Event Horizon run by Shoreline of Infinity, a separate event. You can see that too on the Space Pilot Facebook feed where I've shared the video of the event.
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