Missing Movie Night?

We've had some fun with our weekly movies and they may go weekly again, once I've got the book club up and running. In the meantime we still have our monthly movie on the last Thursday of each month and there is a little opportunity for us all to make our mark in the movie world.

My pal Russell Jones (whose poetry I am currently turning into a comic) has a poem called An Official Guide To Surviving The Invasion which is being made into an apocalyptic movie down at Govan Baths (yes, the baths that are being renovated). They need some cash to complete the filming and you can get your name in the credits by helping out.

Visit their Indiegogo site and pledge a wee bit of money. It'll bring a smile to Russell's wee hirsute face and get you on the first rung to being a movie mogul.

An Official Guide to Surviving the Invasion

Have fun. I'll see you on movie night.


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