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22 May 2019

Science Fiction in Parliament

Shoreline of Infinity Editor in Chief Noel Chidwick manning the exhibition in Holyrood.

I'm spending a couple of days in Scotland's Parliament building at Holyrood, this week. I'm part of a team representing Shoreline of Infinty magazine and we've brought our art exhibition into the lobbies to meet Scotland's representatives.

It's actually been a lot of fun. The MSPs have been keen to chat and see what us crazy folk have been up to, making magazines, running events, drawing comics. There are a lot of science fiction fans here.

The gives us a bit of hope. Clearly a large proportion of Scotland's politicians are looking to the future and planning ahead. We have the Arthur C Clarke quote displayed in our exhibit:

"Politicians should read science fiction ... "

I think many of Scotland's politicians do.

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