Pandemic Advice Through 1960s Drama

I've just been watching the classic Star Trek episode The Naked Time with my family as we hunker down in the Space Pilot Pandemic Isolation Bunker and it occurred to us that this is a valuable piece of viewing for our times. The adventure starts with Mr Spock and Joe Tormolen beaming down to a science station on a dying planet to find that everyone has died in bizarre circumstances. Forunately Spock and Joe have full environment suits on and are therefore protected from whatever contagion may have caused the suicidal behaviour of the science team. However Joe's behaviour is less than safe as this sequence shows. Look and learn - do not emulate Joe. Be like Spock: touch nothing and be safe.

Joe is safe in his environment suit... but he has an itchy nose.
This is where Joe starts to go wrong. He takes off his glove.
That feels better. He scratches his nose.
For now he is actually OK because he hasn't touched anything before taking his hand to his nose... but, Joe, where is your glove now?
Now Joe is in trouble. He is touching a possibly infected surface with his bare hand.
Look at that weird red stuff shooting out at his fingers.
It's on his hand now. If that hand goes anywhere near his face ....
Now he's done it. A good old dose is applied to Joe's nose.
Only now, too late, does he remember to put his glove back on.
What would Mr Spock have done in this situation?
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