Virtual Tartan Day Parade

It is the 700th birthday of the Declaration of Arbroath, the historic letter sent to the Pope delaring Scotland's independent nationhood and giving a warning to all kings that their position is not by divine right but by sufferance of the people; revolutionary at the time.

There is a great new documentary video about it on Vimeo. Here it is:

The Declaration of Arbroath from Charlie Stuart on Vimeo.

Here in Dumfries I was due to be organising a big cabaret night filled with Scottish culture and entertainment, but Covid-19 has put paid to that. So I'm joining in with New York City's Virtual Tartan Day Parade.

New York has celebrated the Declaration every year with their parade of all things Scottish. This year we are being asked to paint the internet tartan and swamp social media with Scottishness, because they can't have a live parade this year.

So join in. Find some tartan and become Scottish for the day.

You can read the original document here. It has inspired many other declarations that followed, a historic document indeed.


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