Another Old New Camera

 I managed to find another vintage rangefinder, or is it? This one is a FED-5V designed in the 1970s. However it has a very late serial number and may well be one of the last models built in the mid-1990s.

Anyway, it all works mechanically and the rangefinder appears to be accurate. So I'm running a film through it to see whether it is light tight and whether the lens is functioning well. I'll post my progress here.


JimNest said…
How did it work out? I have a Kiev 4 built in 1979 that takes great pictures
Ayesongs said…
Hi, Jim
I took quite a few good shots with this. It's a very easy camera to adjust and fine tune for use. Unfortunately the shutter mechanism succumbed to old age despite this being a 90s camera. Turns out to be very difficult to get into to repair.
I'm still getting a lot of vintage range finder stuff done with my 1960s Petri 7s and Minolta A5.
I should get posting here with some if those soon.

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