Thursday Night Is Movie Night: Flash Gordon

We started Thursday Night Is Movie Night with Buck Rogers, played by Buster Crabbe. Now here's Buster again but in his earlier role as Flash Gordon. This is a feature length compilation of the second serial Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe. Enjoy.

TRIVIA QUESTION:How many comic artists can you list who took a turn at drawing Flash Gordon since the character was created by the legendary Alex Raymond?

Movie night would not be possible without the Internet Archive.


Haven't seen that movie since the 70's. Wish I could come along.
Ayesongs said…
You are along Cosmic Detective. Movie Night is only on this web site. I was in Edinburgh last night at the Event Horizon run by Shoreline of Infinity, a separate event. You can see that too on the Space Pilot Facebook feed where I've shared the video of the event.
Tell your friends. (

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